Terms & Conditions

For Valuable consideration, I/we hereby grant and acknowledge A Change of Events INC, Kylan Barn, Downtown Bridal, Dana Marie Photography, SDMi Photography, Sam Ellis Photography, Rob Korb Photography, and all others involved with the “Rewrite the Stars” Regional Prom Event (hereafter referred to as “Prom Event Sponsors”)  the authority and permission to photograph or video record, use and reproduce photo/video in all formats, either now known or hereafter created. The licenses, transferees may publish photographs, portraits, or images described in any form and manner for the purpose of publicity, advertising, publishing (media or electronic form), for any product, services, and lawful uses determined by the above parties. 


a.) All rights to the photographs, negatives, and video footage, including the copyright, are the sole property of “Prom Event Sponsors” and may be altered in any way and displayed in any format, for any purpose, without compensation.


b.) The photographs and videos may be used without notification, the right to inspect or approve the finished product before print or display is waived. 


c.) The full payment of [your ticket price] received by A Change of Events Inc gives them and any above party listed the authority and rights to the above terms of release. 

The client confirms that they are not presenting any of the following symptoms of COVID-19: Fever, Shortness of Breath, Loss of Sense of Taste or Smell, Dry Cough, Runny Nose,  or Sore Throat. Any guest or vendors with any of the following symptoms are not allowed at the event at any time. The client will follow all guidelines put forth for social distancing as directed by the CDC and the state of Maryland. The client has been given the guidelines put in place at Kylan Barn during the COVID-19 pandemic and will hold all vendors and guests to these rules (see below). The client understands that exposure to disease-causing organisms and objects, such as COVID-19, and personal contact with others, including but not limited to, DJ, photographer, caterer, florist, and venue staff, involves a certain degree of risk that could result in illness, permanent disability, or death. The client also acknowledges that it is impossible to screen and/or monitor all such individuals. 

After fully and carefully considering all the potential risks involved, client hereby assume the same for themselves and guests, and agrees to release and hold-harmless Kylan Barn LLC and it's employees from and against all claims and liability resulting from exposure to disease-causing organisms and objects, such as COVID-19, associated with the client attending the event at Kylan Barn. Client agrees to cover all fines and legal fees that occur by breaking of the rules set forth by the state of Maryland. By signing this agreement, the client agrees to all terms set forth. 

Kylan Barn's COVID-19 Guidelines: 

  • Guests and vendors will be required to wear a mask indoors.
  • Guests must sit and stand keeping social distancing in mind. 
  • If attending this event, you must sign hold harmless agreement.
  • No self-serve food or drink is allowed. 


  • 100 is the total number of guests and staff allowed at the venue at this time. We will update this number as Governor Hogan reopens Maryland.  
  • These guidelines are subject to change at any time. Kylan Barn will give the client any updates information as soon as it becomes available.